The Issue of Poverty(AGAIN) PT. I

8 Jun

Been sitting on this one for the past week, been digesting it. Debating whether or not to sound off on it. But there is a burning desire to.

Many of us in the community talking about global poverty, like it’s some issue to tackle on some high level. And while it costs big dollars to mobilize change, it’s really not rocket science. And while it does serve some governments to keep their people poor and uneducated, let’s abandon that notion and just deal with the bottom line… It’s not difficult to understand. The Poor exist and we need to fix it somehow.

Learned that over the past year, (and probably longer), there has been a homeless person living in my backyard in Jamaica. At first, I thought it was just someone “stealing” from me, but then learned that no, a person had been living there at night. Showering, using our water and taking refuge. Got a hefty bill of $30K JMD. Which is like $350CDN. Not much in the grand scheme of things. But enough to make me further comprehend how bad the situation has become in Jamaica. There are people who need a place to live. To shower. To eat. To sleep. To do bodily functions in private.

Those with millions and billions are trying to decide how best to spend their money on solving poverty on a global scale but honestly, in the time it takes to talk about it, there are people who need help right now on the local scale who are suffering and in need right now.

I understand that governments are corrupt, I understand that organizations are corrupt, I understand that some people are corrupt. I understand all of that. I am not attacking those trying to solve the issue, I suppose my anger is towards the Jamaican government AGAIN, for letting it get this bad.

I suppose it’s one more thing to add on my TO DO list…

I have more thoughts on this…
To Be Continued…


i ♥ Vincenzo!

18 Jun

There’s nothing I appreciate more, than excellent production.

His work just screams humility.

Every track is just clean, sincere and brilliant.

‘Wherever I Lay My Head’ – by Vincenzo



~~testME UP!!~!

28 Mar

~~mixME UP!!~!

16 Mar


I challenge you to find it first! Discover the song – release it to the world for the world to hear! I’ve been on this mix for the past week. Some really AMAZING gems in this one!

This is the first installment of a Soulful House series mixed by DJ Riccachet. This mix contains a blend of old and new soulful house tracks that will make you wanna get up and do that soul clap! New music by Drumattix, The Realm f. Chokolate, Jaime Woods,Toni Braxton and more.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Riccachet presents…
CLAP YOUR HANDS! VOL.1 [mixtape]

For more on DJ Riccachet visit or follow on Twitter @djriccachet.

DJ Riccachet presents Clap Your Hands! Vol. 1 [Mixtape]


~~sultryME UP!!~!

3 Mar

~~houseME UP!!~!

28 Feb

~~mellowME UP!!~!

27 Feb